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In an encouraging turn for the better, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that 43 states had decreases in their unemployment rate in November.

Adding to the good news, only three states reported higher unemployment rates during the same month, and four remained unchanged. It’s the best single-month increase since October 2003.

And if you look around town – at least in the greater Denver area – things are starting to move in a positive direction. Construction projects put on hold in late 2007 are now taking shape and creating thousands of jobs. New home starts also are showing signs of life, filling in vacant spaces that were long ago slated for residential expansion.

This is all good news, so what does it mean for other industries?  The natural trickle-down effect is complex to say the least, but more jobs means more money being spent at stores, additional expendable income for vacations and a ‘yes’ vote instead of a ‘no’ vote for local school bond issues, which improve local educational opportunities and increase home values in the community.

The foundation of progress is a willingness to hire. However, staffing managers are inundated with hundreds of resumes for one job. Knowing where to begin is imperative and disqualifying candidates with dubious histories is a must. Employment screening firms such as TruDiligence take care of companies who hire several applicants per year. MyTruSeal, a subsidiary of the Lakewood, CO-based business, is a concept that has been developed over the last two years that enables job-seekers to make a pre-emptive strike at a job and make a lasting impression on an HR specialist.

Besides bringing a can-do attitude and professional appearance, applicants who come ready with solid credentials are almost a shoe-in. MyTruSeal scans databases that contain personal but vital information on criminal backgrounds, driving history and educational experience, among others. Employers take notice of those taking initiative and it could potentially save the hiring company money. The work has already been done for them by a Better Business Bureau-recognized firm and it demonstrates that the job candidate has absolutely nothing to hide.

A self-background check can be a $20 cog that keeps the economic engine churning and an instrument for future success in a struggling but hopeful job market.

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