MyTruSeal, A Valuable Resource For Those Seeking Internships

Where some see an internship as a mere entry-level position, others see an opportunity for professional growth that can act as a springboard to help you achieve your dreams.

There are many ways to secure an internship. You can go the traditional route by scouting the websites of corporations in your field of interest and looking for avenues to get your foot in the door.

Or there are alternative means, including 107.1’s Hottest Intern contest, an 11-week foray into pairing the radio station with someone who can prove they have what it takes to bolster the team. It includes real-world scenarios such as planning a large event. There are tests that any intern might face, and the ones who pass have a chance to impress those who make the ultimate decisions on hiring.

There are also websites, like, that can provide leads in states across the country. A quick search turns up opportunities both unpaid and paid. The front page has positions like a marketing coordinator internship at Precision Midwest, an Illinois-based company that supplies project management solutions and productivity tools.

If you’re a college student, there are likely in-house programs at your school that provide guidance and career advice for undergrads. Some employers will actually partner with universities to constantly feed a qualified crop of students each year. Those students are often most eager to dive in, even if they are a bit green. A willing learner is a good learner.

A host of tools are available to help grease the wheels. A MyTruSeal report (, which provides individualized information including criminal pre-screenings and educational experience, is among the advantages a recent grad or current student can have on their side. The report shows an employer that you are free and clear of any bad history and ready to get to work. You never know what a quality internship can lead to.

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