NAPBS Accreditation: The Rigorous Vetting Process for Background Screening Agencies

NAPBS accreditation allows for HR to screen applicants

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) strives to improve and level the ground for background screening service providers. The organization has been serving this industry since 2003. To date, there are close to 900 member companies with NAPBS accreditation.

NAPBS accredited consumer reporting agencies (CRAs) take the frontline in offering screening services in various industries. This is due to the stringent conditions that background screening agencies have to meet for them to qualify for accreditation.

Perks of NAPBS Accreditation

Accredited CRAs have an obligation to meet and uphold industry standards in legal and compliance, information security, and client education. They also commit to lead in maintaining superior business practices and verification services standards.

Compliance with these conditions brings about quality services to clients and accurate consumer reports. For this reason, can have confidence in engaging NAPBS accredited CRAs.

The NAPBS Accreditation Process

Interested CRAs need to send a letter of intent after which they have six months to present an application and payment.

The firm must demonstrate the free will to comply with the accreditation standard of the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC). A third-party auditor proves compliance through an exhaustive desk and on-site audits.

The company must document all its policies and processes as per the BSCC standards show evidence of compliance to the auditor. Then, auditors issue the applicant with a copy of findings and suggested improvements. Finally, the CRA can then modify its processes according to the provided recommendations.

In the end, the auditor compiles the final report and presents it to the BSCC for approval. If approved, the accreditation remains valid for five years after which CRAs must reapply.

The Bottom Line

Qualifying for NAPBS accreditation can be frustrating but worthwhile. It enables CRAs to operate within the acceptable standards for the finest service delivery. Clients can also trust the consumer reports they get from accredited CRAs due to the painstaking screening process involved.

If you need consumer reliable consumer reports to inform your business decisions, contact an accredited CRA today.

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