Why NAPBS Accreditation is Crucial for Your Background Check Provider


Performing background checks on new hires can feel like a small, routine step in a lengthy onboarding process. Choosing a CRA (consumer reporting agency), however, is not a decision to be taken lightly or hastily made. With a multitude of background check providers available, it is imperative for an employer to carefully select a CRA that can not only provide seamless, reliable performance, but one that will maintain a standard of integrity and professionalism that will reflect favorably upon and contribute considerable value to its prospective client.

What is NAPBS Accreditation?

The standard metric for accrediting background check providers is the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program, regulated by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Committed to advancing excellence in the screening profession, this non-profit organization maintains strict guidelines for member CRAs. The NAPBS accreditation process is painstakingly thorough, requiring nothing less than the highest operating standard from prospective members.

The Process of NAPBS Accreditation for a Background Check Provider

A major requirement for NAPBS accreditation is the complete documentation of a CRA’s policies and procedures. A standard practice guide is a testament to a company’s level of organization and commitment to transparency. It can effectively measure the importance an organization places on consistency in employee training and accountability. This is especially essential for a service that hinges on the proper handling of thousands of individuals’ personal information.

To become accredited, these documents and their implementation must pass a rigorous auditing process every five years, guaranteeing that the member CRA diligently strives to constantly improve and innovate itself. The adherence to this industry standard ensures rich benefit to all parties, fostering strong mutual trust and reliability between screening providers and their clients.

TruDiligence and NAPBS Accreditation

TruDiligence is honored to have achieved this industry seal, making us nationally recognized as an accredited background check provider. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn how TruDiligence can provide the highest standard of excellence.


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