NAPBS Accreditation Promises Transparency: Three Reasons Why That Matters

meeting between background check provider and business

Background checks should never just churn you back pass or fail results. They should give you clear information about every step of the process while still protecting individuals’ personal information. Without transparency, your company cannot utilize its own discretion in hiring employees and won’t know what’s driving hiring decisions. Look for a background check service provider with NAPBS, or National Association of Professional Background Screeners, accreditation. Providers with NAPBS accreditation offer far better transparency than those without, and here’s why that matters:

1. You Gain Access to Proper Background Check Procedures

You might not need to know precisely what steps a background check service took for every potential applicant, but you should always have visibility into the system to check when you want to. Otherwise, you receive inconclusive results. Find a provider with NAPBS accreditation that comfortably answers all of your questions about their search procedure, number of attempts to locate different key elements of information, and all of the associated fees. If you’re receiving an invoice with an unexplained total each month, it’s time to find a new provider!

2. The Background Check Service Can Advise You On Potential Suspicions About Educational History

Everyone knows about diploma mills, and that means diploma mills are both couching their nature and diverting into more honest value. Many online universities legitimately weigh work experience as credit hours while other systems pass whoever pays. Your background screening service should give you a much more comprehensive explanation than a potential pass/fail on educational qualifications. Sometimes a suspicious degree can be countered by lots of experience or clear talent. Ultimately, the power to reconsider gray areas regarding education verification should rest with you.

3. The Transparency Policy Will Also Be Transparent

You need to know as much information as possible about the people you might hire, but there’s a line where having that information is a liability for your company. A background check provider with NAPBS accreditation means your service provider is protecting the personal information – even from access through your portal – and that your HR representatives can’t see the information they shouldn’t.

Transparency is one of the most important elements in background checks. Make sure you have the information you need to make solid decisions by working with TruDiligence’s background screening service.

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