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NAPBS Accreditation: Your Added Layer of Protection

Is your background screening agency satisfying your business needs? It’s time to learn how NAPBS Accreditation can protect your business.

Like many professionals, adequately vetting the background and any potential liabilities that may come with a hire, a tenant, etc… is imperative to business success. When thinking about choosing a background-screening agency, there are several regulations and industry associations who specialize in the industry. Each has helped to develop an intensive, yet fair framework for handling background checks without discrimination.

In making your decision to find a background reporting agency, it is crucial to seek an agency with NAPBS Accreditation.

Here is what you should know about NAPBS Accreditation and how it can transform the results of your business:

What is the FCRA?

Before 1970, background checks had, themselves, very few consumer protections in place. The introduction of the 1970 Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) changed how these matters were handled. From 1970 All professional background-screening organizations and their employees were transformed ethically for the better.

The Act allows background screening services, such as Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, to meet a standard of consumer protection previously unavailable or overlooked.

This changed the impact of an individual’s history on their future and made the experience more transparent. Allowing background screening organizations to conduct credit checks spurned evolutions in employee, tenant, criminal history checks, and financial screenings or transactions.

How NAPBS Accreditation Benefits Your Credibility

No agency is required to attain NAPBS accreditation, yet depending on the needs of the client or business, it can be paramount to clients.

NAPBS offers a rigorous accreditation program servicing institutions with only the best data for their business needs.

Unquestionably it is a challenging process. The standards defined by the Background Screening Credentialing Council involves submitting voluminous data and records. The process is carried out by an independent, on-site third-party auditor.

Compliance with all required policies and procedures must be accessible in each screening by an agency. Agencies who have received the accreditation must renew the accreditation every five year. And the benefits to the credibility of your business far exceed the time spent.

The Importance of Accreditation

There are two ways to look at the importance of accreditation. For example, as your company seeks a source of the information required for workplace and housing safety, the interests and reputation of your business are protected, even when the unavoidable occurs.

The first way to view accreditation is as an assurance an agency’s representation has been thoroughly vetted and passed muster.

Second, it acts as an added layer of protection. If a problem arises with a hiring decision, for example, you should be able to point to due diligence. This simplifies, builds trust, and points out the choice made by the agency was made using nationally established best-practices warranted by NAPBS accreditation.

Learn More About NAPBS Accreditation

100 percent error-free results over the long haul are never a realistic expectation, and TruDiligence stands behind its services. With results backed by years of experience, a solid reputation, and, of course, the continuous renewal of its NAPBS accreditation, partnering with TruDiligence is a scalable business solution worth investigating.

We all are aware of the growing complexity of the regulations directed at hiring. Doesn’t it make sense to opt for that second level of protection?  Especially when you can do so at a highly competitive price and with rapid results consistent with thoroughness and quality. We think that the choice is pretty clear. Contact us for a full discussion of our spectrum of services, new approaches to systems-integration technology, and prices.

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