Our National Criminal Package

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Because there are so many background checks that you can choose from (and it can be confusing), we offer package deals to make sure that you find out all of the information that you need. One of our most popular packages is the National Criminal Package.

In it, we offer the following checks.

National Criminal Database

This is a “third party” database that gets records from the state Department of Corrections and the Administrative Office of the Courts, when available.

Unfortunately, they get their information from the state and counties. If they are behind with updating their records, you could get a report which is not up-to-date and entirely accurate.

Sex Offender Registry

This registry is careful to make sure that the public can obtain information about sex offenders who may live or work near you.

Many employers don’t think to check the sex offender registry. In fact, this could be disastrous for the office. You don’t want to hire someone that makes your other employees uncomfortable.

Homeland Security Database

This database is governed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury administers. Indeed, it is used for our security, targeting terrorists, drug traffickers, and people who deal with weapons of mass destruction.

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TruDiligence goes above and beyond the OFAC. Indeed, we go through 1500 other lists and entities to ensure that you only hire the safest people around. Some of these include the FBI Most Wanted Terrorists List, along with the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted List, FBI Fugitives (Crimes Against Children, Cyber Crimes, Violent Crimes: Murders, etc.) and much more.

Our National Criminal Package is designed to help you make the right choice for your business (or your life). Further, it looks at the National Criminal Database, Sex Offender Registry, and even a Homeland Security Database.

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