New Jersey Borough Adds Background Checks to Door-to-Door License

A recent news story out of New Jersey, suggests that the borough of Madison—population of about 16,000—has increased its requirements for individuals who want to “solicit or peddle goods” by adding an amendment to the local code.

Specifically, the proposed new ordinance, which received a unanimous vote, would require anyone selling door-to-door to undergo fingerprinting and background checks in order to ensure “solicitors or peddlers have no criminal records.” The goal of the City Council is to put an end to people who solicit for other purposes.

Currently door-to-door solicitors and peddlers have to buy a license—$20 per day, $75 per week, $150 per month, and $500 per year—from the police department and “display it at the request of any citizen or borough official.”


The proposed regulations require interested parties to file an application with the police department and submit to a criminal background check in order to receive a license.

Applicants pay all fees. Background checks are good for one year. After that, any applicant who wants to extend their permit will need to repeat the process. Naturally, criminal history checks are confidential. Borough police, however, may have access to information that concerns criminal history through the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation).


Though Madison is a relatively small area, this is an important piece of legislation. It demonstrates that sometimes the smallest efforts are the wisest.

If your organization or local government hasn’t already implemented a thorough background screening process for employees and vendors, now is the time. And TruDiligence can help.

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