Get Objective Information and Make the Right Decision with Education Verification

education verification

Often, people may not lie outright about their education on a resume, but they might exaggerate it a little. For example, they may say they graduated summa cum laude when they actually graduated magna cum laude. Or they might say that they got a 4.0 GPA when they really got a 3.75.

These examples may not seem very serious on their own, but when you pad your resume a little bit in 3-4 places, you end up depicting yourself as very different from who you really are.

The Hiring Process

This is why it is important for employers to get education verification. In fact, when you’re employing someone, you don’t have much to go on. You can only see what they choose to show you. Also, this includes their resume and the way they present themselves during the interview.

Yes, you can also check with their references, and this is a good thing to do if you want to ensure that the candidate has a good work history. However, you can also find out more about the candidate by getting education verification and employment verification.

Getting Objective Information

It’s possible that a candidate might come to you, present what seems to be a very stellar resume, and also perform well during the interview. They may smile, make eye contact, and give good answers to all your questions. Then, you might feel like they’re a good candidate for the position.

But getting an employment and education verification will help you to make sure that you’ve made the right decision. It gives you some objective information as opposed to the subjective information you already have.

Make the Right Decision

You can see education verification as something that will make you feel more confident about your decision to hire that candidate. On the other hand, it could also reveal that the candidate is not who you thought they were. In this case, you’ll be saved from making a bad decision.


So, no matter what the result of the education verification, it is likely to help you in some way—either by reinforcing what you already knew or felt, or by saving you from making the wrong decision.

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