Optimistic outlook for jobs in 2012

Consumers who were recently asked to project the future are more optimistic that employment conditions, the business climate and the financial situation of national corporations will continue to improve.

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index announced a shift in attitude among Americans, with consumer survey results indicating an eight-month high in economic confidence. The index reached 64.5 in December, up from 55.2 in November. Of course, there are still hurdles to overcome and political differences to mend, but a positive view of things among the people I the “trenches” can help turn the tide in 2012.

While consumers are ending the year in a somewhat more upbeat mood, it is too soon to tell if this is a rebound from earlier declines or a sustainable swing from previously dire outlooks, the conference board says.

TruDiligence is among the companies helping to improve the national labor crisis by offering free or discounted services to businesses that are hiring the unemployed.  The background-screening firm founded the Employ America Facebook campaign to enroll like-minded companies that are willing to give a little for the greater good. It’s a trend that is taking hold in the greater Denver area, and the embracing of such a simple but effective concept could mean good things in the years to come. Adding some incentive to hire could just be the catalyst for staffing managers who are on the fence about finding room in the budget for another body that could lighten the load on workers that have been tasked with more responsibilities. Every year things are spread more thin as companies save money through employee attrition.

Pessimistic media reports likely contributed to a decline in hiring since late 2007, while others were forced to cut back because of a trickle-down decrease in revenue. Perhaps optimistic reports can drive the bad thoughts out. Send out the good word that not everyone is seeing things in an unfavorable light. TruDiligence is there to cover background checks, but it’s also looking to recruit businesses into a fight for improvement. There is always a silver lining in the dark clouds when you look hard enough.

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