How to Order Pre-Employment Screening & Tenant Background Check Services

The information age is upon us, and the way people do business will never be the same. The Internet now dominates the way people exchange information and raises business to levels never before imagined. To accommodate the ever-changing needs of business, TruDiligence utilizes a state-of-the-art ordering system.

Capable of handling all of your pre-screening needs, the system is at the top of its class. Enjoy the freedom to submit requests, check pending status, view results and print reports, all from the convenience of your own desktop.


Our full service website allows clients to request and retrieve new orders, as well as monitor the status of pending searches.  The website uses multiple password levels, allowing for flexibility in account management.  The first level is an individual user, location or departmental password.  The second level is an administrative or management level password, allowing administrators to view and check status of searches submitted by individual users within their group.

At system login, the user is presented with a general information page that is updated daily with service messages such as court delays, new service offerings and links to commonly used forms.

Data entry during the request phase is simple and guided.  The software will direct you to input the correct information for each search desired.  All mandatory fields are clearly marked.  Many checks and balances are in place to ensure input information is complete and valid.  When each request is completely entered, users will be provided a confirmation of their order.  After receiving a submitted request, TruDiligence will again check for mistakes or any additional required information.  Once all information is in place, the request will be assigned and sent for research immediately.

The user can access and track the pending status of any search submitted and will be made aware of its current status, as well as any problems or concerns, all in real time.  As search results are received, they are updated to the site instantaneously and are posted to a page that houses all completed searches. 

As a user convenience, there is no need to continually log on to check if a requested search is complete.  The system will automatically send an email notification to users informing them that a completed background check has been posted for their review.  The results then are kept in archive on the website until removed by the user. 

As a convenience, the user may search for and display the results using many identifiers such as applicant name, date of submission, social security number and client number, all in ascending or descending order.  This allows a client to access results from one year ago as easily as results from the prior day. 

TruDiligence has taken every precaution to ensure your information is secure.  All data transferred to or contained by the website is secured using state-of-the-art Verisign 128 bit SSL encryption.  Furthermore, the actual website server is housed in a secure data center, offering multiple redundancies in its systems and providing 99.99 percent uptime.

All features of the system are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We have the capability to interface directly with your proprietary system or applicant tracking software using the Internet file XML standard. We can also provide direct import of many file formats including ASCII text, Excel, Dbase and FoxPro.  Call for further information.


TruDiligence understands that our field of endeavor is not a perfect one.  Whether we use a real-time access database or conduct a manual search of documentation, human hands are involved in the process at various stages along the way.  Therefore, our quality control measures are designed to head off difficulties before they occur, whenever possible.  And in the event something does “fall through the cracks”, TruDiligence responds to it swiftly with a remedy.

To this end, TruDiligence practices quality control in many stages during an average background check.  The first stage addresses the accuracy and content of the information supplied.  As described previously, each request is checked manually and / or electronically to ensure all necessary information and identifiers are present.  Our system further monitors each request as it progresses, ensuring that all searches are ordered and results updated as soon as they are received.  The system achieves this by color coding all pending requests by time outstanding.  Our staff uses this feature constantly to review pending searches for any request that is tardy in its completion.  This feature also allows us to conduct daily communication with all vendors to identify and address any complications as they occur.

When conducting requested searches, TruDiligence always uses all available and relevant identifiers to ensure an accurate result.  Furthermore, we also take great care to ensure that our vendors provide service that meets our strict standards.  TruDiligence routinely submits known records to our vendors and compares known activity to new search results.  This ensures the highest level of quality in information provided to TruDiligence.

Every operation on every file processed is recorded in an audit trail for record tracking and research in our system.

We also take great pride in the level of customer service offered.  There always is the familiar voice of a support team member available, who is dedicated to ensuring the quality of customer service received.  All questions and concerns are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

TruDiligence believes that complete customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any quality control program.

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