Overall User Experience Makes All the Difference When Selecting a Background Check Provider. Consider These Factors When Making Your Choice.

As a hiring manager, you want to be sure you’re selecting the best candidate for the job. In order to reduce risk and help ensure that you’re hiring the right person, partnering with a background check provider is a logical choice for most managers and business owners. With the variety of background check providers available today, you might wonder how you can know if you’re choosing the right company for your business’ needs. Below we will discuss factors that you should consider when selecting a top notch provider:

Are they accurate?

Some reports do contain inaccuracies, both in terms of missing or outdated information and incorrect convictions. In order to avoid this undesirable scenario, be sure to research the provider you’re considering. Do they have a reputation for accuracy? Are they able to provide you with information regarding how they prepare their reports?

How’s their customer service?

While the ability to produce an accurate report is a vital component of a reputable provider, an equally important consideration is their ability to provide outstanding customer service. Is your account representative both easy to reach and responsive? Does she provide you with necessary training and information? Does your representative understand your company’s needs and make recommendations accordingly?

Are they priced competitively?

An important point to remember is that cheaper isn’t always better and sometimes you get what you pay for. A background check provider that claims to have the lowest possible prices is likely sacrificing quality somewhere along the line– leading to a less comprehensive check for you. Additionally, keep in mind that it’s significantly cheaper to screen candidates than to pay for the recruitment, hiring, and training of new candidates. Having said that, the most reputable providers are priced competitively.

Are they timely?

Be leery of any background check providers that promise a lightning fast turnaround time. If they’re guaranteeing a report within 24 hours, chances are it will include some misinformation, such as outdated information or inaccurate data. The best background check providers can typically produce results within a week– with the possible exception of more in-depth searches.

Do they use criminal databases responsibly?

Avoid background check providers that rely solely on a national search for their reports. Instead, you’ll want to be sure that your provider is also checking local court-level records to ensure that you’re provided with the most accurate and updated information.

The bottom line is that the overall user experience makes all the difference when selecting a background check provider. For more information, please contact us.

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