PBSA Accreditation: Better Service, Better Hires

PBSA Accreditation: Better Service, Better Hires

An “accredited” background checker ensures a recognized and certified entity. This then ensures employers always know what they’re getting into with a provider. The title is a clear indicator of a provider’s desire to be everything it can be for its clients. The Professional Background Screening Association advances excellence in the background screening industry. TruDiligence has, indeed, received PBSA accreditation.

What Does Accreditation Mean

Accreditation requires dedication to one’s craft. It demonstrates an entity has voluntarily engaged in a rigorous self-evaluation via an objective peer that appraises professionalism and execution. It also highlights an entity’s commitment to customer service.

Benefits of PBSA Accreditation

It would be difficult to downplay the importance of accreditation in a background check provider. If there’s one thing all hiring managers want, it is exceptional talent. But they also need employees of high moral character who can be trusted with everything from employee interaction to not leaving the company open to risk.

That, in a nutshell, is what PBSA promotes with its programs. Here are the benefits employers reap when their background check provider is on point:

Improved Quality Service

Accreditation holds the provider to a high standard. It, thus, decreases variations in the ways staffers and departments collaborate. Then, creates a more sensitive approach to how they operate.

Improved Client Confidence

Trust is essential in partnerships. When you know your background provider has put its best foot forward with the PBSA, you know crucial checks on candidates occur appropriately and securely.

Better Operational Efficiency

Accredited providers strive for compliance, continually protecting clients with proven and approved methods for investigation.

Learn More About PBSA Accreditation

TruDiligence promotes the best public safety procedures. We offer fast, accurate, and comprehensive background checks, investigative screening, and verification services. TruDiligence, indeed, dedicates itself to excellent customer service and to building long-term employer/employee relationships. That’s why we’re PBSA certified! Reach out today.

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