PBSA Accreditation and Why It’s Important for Your Business

PBSA Accreditation and Why It's Important For Your Business

PBSA accreditation is crucial for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that it inspires confidence as well as setting forth industry standards to ensure consistency and accuracy. The PBSA standards are the gold standard for background reporting agencies. Simply put, having this accreditation inspires confidence and trust. Here are a few reasons that having this accreditation is vital to background reporting agencies.

PBSA Is Not an Easy Accreditation to Obtain

When you see the PBSA seal, the company has endured a rigorous process to obtain the accreditation. Some areas they must demonstrate compliance in include consumer protection, legal compliance, and information security. Industry professionals set the standards.

A Company Must Exhibit Full Transparency

During the inspection phase, the professional scrutinizes categories from legal to business practices. When a background reporting service has PBSA accreditation, you can rest assured that no stone was left unturned in order to earn the seal. Auditors conduct rigorous on-site inspections before granting the accreditation.

Compliance Is Ongoing

After the initial inspection, there is also ongoing compliance that occurs. So even if a company has received initial accreditation, it’s not a one and done deal. Third-party independent auditors will complete the inspection process again after five years have elapsed. So background reporting agencies will need to ensure that not only are they adhering to strict standards now, but for as long as they hold the accreditation.

Learn More About PBSA Accreditation

As you can see, obtaining PBSA accreditation is no small task. Industry professionals set specific standards. Compliance with these standards is not only required prior to earning the accreditation but must also continue to be ongoing and periodically checked to continue being an accredited organization.

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