A manager interviewing a job candidate after performing a background check with a firm with PABS accreditation.

PBSA Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

In the United States alone, employers request millions of background checks every year. With the request of the countless background checks comes improper and insufficient background checks that lead to hundreds or thousands of FCRA lawsuits that will result in substantial financial losses. Indeed, it is highly important to conduct thorough and compliant background checks with PBSA accreditation.

Background Screening Services

Laws and regulations govern the background screening services industry that continues to grow and change. One of the priorities of your business or organization is to ensure you always remain in compliance with every law and regulation. Further, any form of noncompliance with the laws and regulations can lead to significant fines and potentially, litigation.

When it comes to protecting your business or organization, you want to join forces with a background check provider that has earned accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association(PBSA). What does accreditation mean and why should you want to choose a firm that has been accredited by the PBSA?

Accredited firms must have policies and procedures in place that are well-documented in order to provide the expertise, services, and education to our clients and to the communities we serve. Our policies hold up against meticulous audits and align with the different NAPBS standards.

PBSA Accreditation

PBSA accreditation indicates validation that background screening services and employment verification services follow the industry-leading standards relative to the following:

  • Compliance
  • Quality
  • Data Security
  • Performance and Professionalism

Learn More About PBSA Accreditation

When you work with a PBSA accredited firm, you are partnering with a knowledgeable firm with industry understanding. The PBSA’s accreditation program is highly-respected and widely recognized. Background check providers with this accreditation prove their commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence.

Any firm with this accreditation distinguished itself as worthy. In case you were wondering, yes—TruDiligence has PBSA accreditation. Contact us today for information on our commitment to PBSA standards and/or to learn more about our background screening and employment verification services.

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