PBSA Accreditation: Why It’s Important in a Provider

PBSA Accreditation: Why It's Important in a Provider

TruDiligence is a member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA). The agency represents the best in safe, reliable, and respectful background screening. They ensure background screening companies take responsibility for providing a higher tier of performance and ethical standards for employers, landlords, and other entities that need to verify a person’s credentials. Here is why PBSA accreditation is important in a background check provider.

About the Professional Background Screening Association

The PBSA opened its doors in 2003. The agency currently represents hundreds of companies globally, all determined to show clients they offer a transparent service. Members range from local organizations to Fortune 100 enterprises that manage millions of employment and tenant-related background checks.

The PBSA certifies a background checker’s credentials and ability to uphold the industry’s core values.

  • Ethics and integrity
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Collaborative processes
  • Proactive engagement

Role of the PBSA

After receiving the accreditation seal, the PBSA continues to promote and encourage ethical practices regarding background checks and consumer reporting. The agency facilitates its initiatives through the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program (BSAAP). The BSAAP provides checkers with all the requirements and qualifications need to manage industry adherence.

What distinguishes this accreditation from others is that the PBSA is voluntary. No one’s obligated to get the accreditation, so having tells you a background checker commits to consumer protection, legal compliance, and a determination to provide their clients with outstanding service.

Learn More About PBSA Accreditation

TruDiligence is proud to say we’re accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. Only a small dedicated percentage of background check providers receive this award. The certification exemplifies excellence in the screening process. Besides a high level of service, TruDiligence is a hub for technology, costs, turnaround time, compliance, and customer service.

With accreditation, TruDiligence manages a comprehensive understanding of procedures and police for catering to industry standards. If you want exceptional safety and compliance in your hire choices, reach out to TruDiligence.

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