Woman shaking hands with the new employee who did not fall for the background check curtain.

Peeking Behind the Background Check Curtain

Background checks have become a fundamental aspect of the hiring process. Job seekers expect it. Hiring managers rely on them. Background checking has become a big industry. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that with great success, there can be bad apples behind the background check curtain.

Unpleasant Scenes Behind the Background Check Curtain

Background checks vet employees. But the industry’s growth has led to complaints and lawsuits. Among the issues brought to the forefront are employers not getting consent to perform background checks, applicants not getting copies of the reports, and checkers delving into subject matter that is not legal.

Additionally, big companies are utilizing big-money attorneys to fight an avalanche of claims that allege background checks were conducted in violation of federal law. To date, the litigation has resulted in settlements totaling more than $325 million.

Good Jobs Are Hard Enough to Find

Many complaints revolve around companies not getting written consent to conduct a background check or not providing a copy to the applicant, which doesn’t allow the candidate to dispute findings. Likely, said employer hopes to avoid potential legal ramifications associated with how the background check affects the status of a candidate.

Litigants have won millions of dollars because of inaccurate checks. Given copies of their reports, candidates sued because of outdated and even flat-out incorrect information that may have resulted in not getting the job. In 2014, one claimant received $12 million to settle a suit involving these very circumstances.

Checking the Checkers

TruDiligence is proud of its success in the highly competitive background check industry. We have superior user experience and national accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association. We strive to be a company both hiring managers and candidates can trust to do the right thing.

And TruDiligence will always do the right thing. It’s the only path we know. Reach out to learn more.

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