When Should You Get a Personal Background Check?

running a personal background check on laptop

Credit checks are a popular way to take a glance at how banks, credit card companies, and even potential landlords see you. Instead of leaving you to wonder what your financial history looks like to the people you’re negotiating with, credit reports give you easy access to the information. It should be the same way with a background check! Sometimes you need to know what people on the other side of the table are going to see.

You Should Get a Personal Background Check When…


You’re Starting Your Own Business

Review sites will get you a lot of business, especially if you have a lot of positive feedback, but people are still wary of services they find online. You can establish your credibility immediately if you have a verified copy of a personal background check that you can show clients. Having a report on hand doesn’t just make your company look more reputable – it prevents potential slowdowns in between gaining new leads and completing a paying job.

Starting a new business also involves a lot of paperwork behind the scenes. You may need to apply for business loans, get commercial insurance, and lease equipment. Knowing what’s on your personal background check gives you increased negotiating power.

Your Recent Applications Have Been Turned Down

Applications are automatically processed. Whether you’re applying for a job, a loan, or a lease, a computer will probably see your application before a person does. If the company also automatically orders a background check, they can use the aggregated information to filter out candidates. But sometimes, that automation goes wrong along the way. Sometimes a background check pulls up information about someone who isn’t you. Common first and last names make it easy for older records to be misfiled. An automatic form filler from years ago might have put your name in the wrong blank. These mistakes crop up as the government and companies digitize their records, but you can only start getting them corrected if you know what the problem is.


Conduct a Personal Background Check With TruDiligence

If you want to double-check what your background check is saying about you, please contact us today! TruDiligence is the preferred pre-employment background screening company for several Fortune 500 Companies. Based out of Colorado, TruDiligence is nationally accredited by the NAPBS and investigates records and certifications of all kinds to give you reports that are accurate and help you choose the best candidates.

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