4 Best Practices for Conducting a Successful Background Screening

4 Actionable Best Practices for Conducting a Successful Background Screening

Whether you have an old background screening program and want to update it, or it is your first time creating one, it is imperative to follow workable best practices that will make your program successful. Background screening is a sensitive matter that determines the outcome of who you employ in your organization. So, it is best to create best practices that you will follow for an effective outcome. Here are the best practices for a successful background screening.

Create an Employment Policy 

It is best to have a written document showing the screening processes. This enables you to follow the right procedures when hiring and avoid legal issues that may arise along the way. It also helps candidates know the expectations of the company in time. Include how you will conduct the checks, the platforms you will use, and the elements to consider during screening.

Comply With State Laws for a Successful Background Screening

Every state has unique laws concerning employment screening. You should check your state laws and apply them accordingly. Not following the laws can put your organization at risk. Even if you use a third party, they will have to abide by the FCRA.

Decide Between DIY or Professional Screening

Background screening is a sensitive issue that requires experts and experienced professionals. It is also time-consuming and draining if you lack the time and experience. If you do not have the time, it is best to hire a professional screening company such as TruDiligence to do the job for you.

Beyond Criminal Searches

There is more to a successful background screening than checking the criminal records of potential employees. As an employer, you want to ensure you do a thorough screening to get the right people to fit your company culture. So, consider other checks such as drug testing, employment verification, and education history. This is for your company’s benefit to avoid issues that may affect your operations and other employees in the long run.

Conduct a Successful Background Screening

With hundreds to thousands of people looking for jobs today, it is best to hire an experienced screening agency to help you conduct the exercise. Do you want to hire highly qualified and suitable employees for your organization? We can help! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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