Pre-Employment Hiring: Background Screenings

Over 90% of employers conduct background checks on applicants attempting to obtain a position within the company. Over 70% of employers will perform a check on everyone who applies to the company. For many employers, there will be plenty to search for and plenty to see. Indeed, 1 out of every 4 adults will have a criminal record. That’s why proper pre-employment hiring strategies are important.

Inaccurate Background Checks

Unfortunately, many applicants without criminal records are wrongly flagged because of inaccurate information. Also, many background screening firms use illegal measures and practices. Many businesses pay low prices for background screening services with the promise that the services will be equal to those who charge a higher price. However, the business will receive services that are very poor and of low-quality.

When a business chooses to use a firm that produces low-quality results, there are no real winners in the situation. Background screening is of the highest importance today due to the high-security concerns in the world today. The number of background screenings continues to increase because more companies want to take the best security measures. Thus, ensuring their business, employees, data, and customers are safe.

Employers can face multiple lawsuits if they knowingly or unknowingly rely on false information from a poor-quality background report. Put proper pre-employment hiring practices in place. Then, use the proper measures for background reports. We encourage businesses to understand FCRA requirements to make background screening service decisions.

Learn More About Pre-Employment Hiring

If you are looking for a provider to be responsible for handling your next wave of pre-employment background screenings, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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