Pre-Employment Hiring Is Necessary To Prevent Common Employee Fraud

Every year businesses lose hundreds of millions of dollars to employees who commit common types of fraud and theft from the businesses that they work for. We now look at some of the common ways in which employees steal from their employers and why this calls for excellent pre-employment hiring.

Employee Reimbursement

One of the areas that a lot of employees believe they can take advantage of things is through the reimbursement process. It is all too easy to submit false reports and to try to claim other expenses that did not really occur just to get some extra money. This may not seem like a big deal, but it literally means that employees are getting money for doing nothing.

Stealing From Payroll

This is becoming less frequent of an issue as so many companies are moving on to direct deposit for the paychecks that they issue to their employees. However, stealing from payroll is still possible if one is dedicated to doing so. details how this may happen,

This involves either changing the amount on the employee’s payroll check or creating duplicates of their check so it can be cashed more than once. Another manager or the owner should review the checks before they are issued to look for duplications.

Fake Invoices

This one is a little tougher to catch. Clever employees can create fake invoices in order to try to bilk a little money out of a company. If the company is large enough, then sometimes the amount may not be so small. Most employees will try to invoice as much as they feel that they can get away with.

All of these reasons and many more are reasons why pre-screening is important in the employment process.

Contact us for more information on how these screenings should take place and the value in them.

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