State and federal law takes especial care to ensure that records of sexually related crimes can be easily accessed by the public and the presence of sex offenders are known to neighborhoods, schools and employers. Most jurisdictions require individuals convicted of sex crimes to register with the county he or she resides in. While these databases are open and available, many employers trust information provided on applications and fail to double-check these records. TruDiligence checks sex offender databases for you when screening applicants or employees, making your workplace safe and secure.

Sex crimes are often unreported when applying for jobs and many employers do not think to check these databases. Sexual offenses repeated in the workplace are disastrous for both the company and the staff, and checking these records helps to prevent dangerous or harmful situations. TruDiligence can assist in searching an applicant against these databases to ensure the individual is not a convicted sex offender, keeping your workers, clients, customers and supervisors safe.

Searches are available on a state-by-state basis or through a national index and are priced on a per name basis. For complete due diligence on all employees or applicants you are considering, contact TruDiligence today.

State County Cost Turn Around Time

Pricing reflected is indicative of low usage. Volume discounts are available. Contact us for details.

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