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Turn Professional Background Checks into a Benefit for Your Customers

People are always leery when they hear about professional background checks. Part of this is because everyone likes their privacy. No one wants their potential employer or even a consumer service looking too far into their personal history, no matter what the reason is or what their personal history includes.

But a bigger part is because most people don’t know what specific background checks entail. There are too many technicalities and acronyms for consumers to comfortably know the limits of the check, and that makes them suspicious. Reassure your customers by having easy answers about the limitations of professional background checks. Here are three things they’ll feel more comfortable knowing:

Is Everyone Subjected to the Same Screening?

Make it clear that professional background checks are a standard part of your procedures. Whether your company is a recruiting business, a credit card service, or a property management company, your customers don’t want to feel like they’re being singled out. Let them know what type of background check you’re using and which customers are subject to it.

The Background Checks are Regulated by the FCRA

Customers and applicants need to know that they’re protected by your use of a professional screening service. The FCRA has policies that ensure more accuracy and protect people’s privacy. By getting a stamp of approval to move forward instead of relying on references’ word of mouth, they’re getting a more fair review.

Professional Background Checks Can Fix Inaccurate Information

Part of the problem consumers have with background checks is that they seem mysterious or immutable. But a professional background check is also a good way to make sure their official records are accurate. The screening includes a thorough appeals process so customers can get to the bottom of inaccurate information, false identifications, and potential identity theft. Because professional checks uphold this appeal process, it’s easier to prevent a bad, inaccurate history from following them around.

Background checks are part of every business, so make sure your company and your customers have the best experience possible. Contact TruDiligence to get started! Working closely with each company, property owner, contractor, and client, we give you a clear, accessible picture and history to help you make informed decisions.

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