The Importance of PBSA Accreditation

Hiring manager with the HR team shaking hands with the new hire, who was screened by a background check provider with PBSA accreditation.

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process. They serve a twofold purpose, preventing you from hiring shady characters while validating valuable job applicants’ hard-won credentials. To find out this critical information, however, you will need the services of a professional background check provider whose research will be both thorough and legally compliant. How do you know which provider to trust? By their Professional Background Screening Association accreditation.

What Is PBSA Accreditation and Why Does It Matter

The PBSA is the Professional Background Screening Association. This national non-profit organization sets and maintains the professional standard for excellence in background screening.

To have a PBSA accreditation, a company must go through a thorough application and procedure auditing process. This verifies that their screening process is thorough, legally compliant, follows industry best practices, and provides the highest quality information for background checks and screening clients. Also, they must repeat this process every five years to maintain accreditation.

The Importance of Accredited Legal Compliance in Background Screening

PBSA ensures that screening providers are compliant with the law. Reports will also help clients remain compliant regarding what they should and should not know about a candidate. This protects the screening company and its clients from possible legal repercussions associated with unlawful investigation methods.

Background Screening Best Practices

Industry best practices as established by the PBSA require a screening company to use verified resources to provide information and confirmation of details on a screening subject. Credit checks, criminal background checks, and work histories must be performed with absolute integrity, while personal histories can only be investigated using official and verifiable sources.

Additionally, best practices pursue formal and organized information for clients on screening subjects.

Trust in TruDiligence, a Screening Provider With PBSA Accreditation

TruDiligence is proudly PBSA accredited, ensuring that clients can trust that our screening procedures adhere to the highest quality of data, industry best practices, and legal compliance for every screening service we provide. When choosing your screening provider, always check for PBSA accreditation.

Contact us to learn more about Professional Background Screening Association standards or to book a screening service for your business needs.

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