Proper Background Screening Can Prevent Dangerous Situtaions

A large semi-truck filled with cargo is driving down a highway at an unsafe speed.  It fails to properly negotiate a turn and tips over.  Passengers in cars are hit by the semi-truck and have their lives permanently changed.

This is a situation that didn’t have to happen.  Should the company who hired the driver have done a proper background check, they probably wouldn’t have hired him.  They would’ve known his history of traffic violations and how he was let go from other companies for substance abuse.  The passengers in the cars hit by the truck would’ve continued with their lives as usual.  Proper background screenings of employees are important.

According to a study from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), there were 29 percent of survey participants who claimed performing a proper background screening drastically reduced the risk of negligence in hiring.


Doing this type of screening has prevented medical personnel from performing procedures they lack proper training to administer.  It has stopped unqualified workers from installing safety equipment.  It has prevented unqualified individuals from teaching children and more.  An effective background check can prevent serious accidents from occurring.

Employers should realize that doing background screening on an employee can be very cost effective.  According to SHRM, the average settlement for a negligent hiring suit is approximately a million dollars.  Some suits have resulted in awards of many millions of dollars.

Knowing an employees work history can avoid problems with theft.  According to the American Management Association over 29 percent of all failed businesses happen as a result of employees stealing from the company.  It’s also important to know a potential employees work history to avoid workplace violence.  According to FBI crime statistics, there are over 300,000 businesses that will experience some form of workplace violence during any given year.

Performing an effective background screening is essential for any company.  It can reduce costs, risks and chances of negligent hiring litigation.  Qualified workers who are truthful are more attracted to companies who demand honesty.

Utilizing the experience and knowledge of a third party background screening company like TruDiligence can benefit a business.  It’s an easy way to avoid many potential problems in the workplace.  Contact us today and learn more.

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