Pros understand critical issues of background screening

Employers and property managers may be wondering just what they can do after recent  questions surrounding the use of background screening jumped into the spotlight.


The National Association of Professional Background Screeners and its members have moved quickly to dispel some of the misconceptions and misinterpretations and they are continuing to do so.

In one case, the NAPBS is challenging the accuracy of a report from the National Consumer Law Center that alleges that there is a high rate of inaccuracy in background screening.


In a recent article, the NAPBS announced that a study to be released later this summer had shown that:

“… 98 percent of background screening providers surveyed encounter consumer disputes less than 5 percent of the time out of millions of applicants screened annually. Of the small number of reports that are disputed by a consumer, more than 95 percent are ultimately found to be accurate.”

The NCLC report, following close on the heels of a revised guidance on the use of background information from the EEOC, may have some debating the use of background screening.

There us no reason for alarm. The use of background screens, when they are conducted by trained, experienced professionals and are handled according to the existing laws, is still a valuable and reliable method for evaluating potential employees or tenants.

The NAPBS and its members are working diligently through an accreditation process launched in 2010 to improve and strengthen the background screening process. Many companies have already achieved accreditation and many others are at various stages of the process. The association predicted when the accreditation program began that it would take three years to get the majority of members accredited.

The association and its members have committed to providing high-quality service to employers,   property managers and individuals. These professionals know that they are judged on the quality of their work and they are driven to meet higher standards.

If have questions or concerns about using background screening, contact us. We will be glad to provide you with the insight and information you need to make informed decisions.

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