risk management through a background check provider

Reduce Your Background Check Liability With Risk Management

According to SHRM, “there is an increased risk for your business when getting a background check”. In fact, the process is already complicated and set to get even more difficult in order to keep up with new compliance laws and regulations. Your HR department should effectively navigate background checks. Indeed, it’s certainly becoming more complex for private individuals researching someone’s background.

Roughly, 86% of all employers run a credit report on their employees, but according to the Society For Human Resource Management, “many people are struggling to make ends meet and the credit screening process is irrelevant to many positions”.

How Can Risk Management Help Your Business Stay Compliant 

Your business wants to avoid hiring someone that can jeopardize the integrity of their company and possibly end up lowering employee morale or far worse, costing you an extra expense. Indeed, it’s no secret, a background check can reveal a lot about a person’s past. However, the fact is, some positions require competent employees that won’t pose a risk to the public. For example, the healthcare industry is cannot employ individuals with a background indicating unsuitability.

What to Expect From Risk Management 

  • Follow all FCRA rules and regulations
  • Due diligence in choosing the right background check supplier
  • Establish criteria to evaluate information
  • Secure and mandate organizational policies
  • Ensure a safe hiring process
  • Standardized searches
  • Periodic screening

Bottom line: Risk management provides the checks and balances of background checks.

What to Expect From TruDiligence 

At TruDiligence, we make sure a potential employee or tenant is telling you the right story. With over 25+ year experience, we’re a trusted source for many business professionals. In fact, we provide background screening with blended cost, technology, compliance, and customer service. Thus, with all factors consider, we strive to be your best value.

You’re invited to contact us to find out more details about the services and verification we provide today!

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