Reduce Turnover with Background Checks

There’s a time and place for everything. Take turnover, for instance. In the post, “Employee Turnover Not Always a Bad Thing,” human resources consultant and freelance writer Deborah S. Hildebrand suggests there are times when turnover is good. It’s all about how the departing employees impact the business.


For instance, turnover can eliminate deadwood, help identify weak supervisors, and reveal problems in the organizational climate. It’s just not something you want to occur in excess. High turnover can wreak havoc with a company’s bottom line, especially if it is due to unwanted employee churn.


Nowadays, Generations X and Y don’t attach much stigma to changing employers regularly. It’s part of the ever-increasing mobile work environment. It’s only when employee churn occurs due to poor hiring practices that it becomes problematic.


To reduce the chance of making a poor hire, this post in Psychology Todaysuggests conducting a quality interview by:

  • Getting more than one point of view
  • Lisenting to your gut instincts
  • Determining skills, culture fit, experience, and values
  • Identifying accomplishments and results
  • Meeting candidates more than once

Additionally, one of the most important aspects of hiring right is by conducting a background check on a candidate before you hire. Conducting background checks can:

  • Alert you to candidates lacking proper education and training
  • Identify a candidate’s prior reasons for termination
  • Discover whether a candidate has been truthful and honest
  • Reveal intentional or accidental discrepancies in a candidate’s work history
  • Minimize the possibility of employee fraud and theft 

However, the most significant benefit of conducting background checks on new employees is to help reduce your rate of unwanted turnover. By knowing the most you can know about a new hire before you make a job offer, you can reduce your chances of making the wrong hiring decision.

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