Reference Checking Can Help You Avoid Being Scammed

Believe it or not, people will try to scam their way into a job. They will make up things to put on their application that may or may not be true. Only businesses performing due diligence can be sure that they have not hired someone who has made things up on their application.

Areas Of A Resume That People Lie On Frequently

There are a few areas that people may stretch the truth on throughout their resume. The most common areas are as follows:

  • Education
  • Job Titles
  • Special Skills

It is amazing that people will still take the chances of lying on a resume when it has become so easy to verify the things that one is saying on their resume via the Internet. Every one of those things can be verified online rather quickly.

Lying On A Resume Hurts The Employee

Even if an employee is able to get the job that they have desired, they are still taking a big risk by lying on their application. They could be dismissed by their employer if it turns out that the employer discovers that they have lied on their resume. One might assume that this would never be discovered, but consider this quote from

If your company is acquired, for instance, the acquirer’s HR department may perform an audit of its new employees. Or your background may be checked when you apply for a promotion.

There Is No Need To Be Dishonest

The most important thing to remember is that people rarely get a job as a result of the lies that they have told on a resume. More often than not they would have been able to get the job without having to fabricate anything about themselves. Just being honest and straightforward on the resume is the best way to move forward.

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