Risk Management: Controlling Who Works For You

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There is unquestionably a lot of risk to hiring new people. How they perform on the job will reflect on your business as a whole. Without proper management of that risk you could be facing some very serious issues on your hands. Risk management begins at the pre-hiring step.

Controlling Who Is Working For You

The pre-hiring process allows you a number of opportunities to protect your interests. Consider the following things that you are allowed to do as an employer before making a hiring decision:

These are just a few examples of things that you can do before you ever decide to hire someone. Of course, your most useful tool of all may be the interview itself.

Interviewing A Prospect

Actually sitting down and speaking with potential hires is a great way to make a determination about what they can add to your company. Some people are going to obviously be the wrong fit just as much as some people are clearly going to be cut out for the job. At the very least, the interview process provides you with the opportunity to get a sense of the personality of the individual you are looking to potentially hire. This could shape what roles you put them in as an employee of your business.

The Buck Stops Here

Using all of the necessary tools to limit your risk with a new hire allows you to have much more control over what is going on. With that control you are also adding responsibility. It is hard to blame anyone or anything else when there is a breach when you are the one who was responsible for the hiring. It is a good kind of responsibility to have though considering the risk management that is increased as a result.

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