Risk Management: Re-Hiring An Ex Employee

The thought that most of us come to when thinking of someone finding a new job is a fresh beginning. That is not always the case though. Sometimes people are simply returning to a job that they once held. When this is the case, risk management is at a premium. However, there are more than a few good reasons to re-hire someone who has worked for a company in the past.

They Are The Top Talent For The Job

On occasion opportunity knocks and an employee will leave the company they are with to seek other opportunities. If those opportunities do not work out as well as one thought they would, they may return to where they started.

Some companies interrupt this action as disloyalty to the company. They may be concerned that the former employee will simply do the same thing again in the future. This is a potential risk, but employers have to consider how talented the individual is and therefore weigh the pros and cons.

Everyone Changes And Grows

An employee who was all wrong at one point could be correct in the future. In an article for tlnt.com Tim Sackett points out that over time people change.

I’ve seen some young, less experienced people get fired, who were completely different people 5 -10 years later. All of that blind fight and energy that had when they were younger, and which distracted from their talent, is gone.

These potential hires should once again be vetted as though they were a brand new hire. That helps to weed out those who have not changed and matured with time.

Keep All Options Open

Considering re-hiring someone does not mean that they are hired in the end. There is still the chance to back out of it if things do not feel right. Keeping all options open is a priority. Closing the door on someone simply because they worked for you in the past is an undesirable approach.

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