The Risks of a Non-Compliant Background Screening Service

Non-compliant background screening service check list.

Background checks and screening services must go through highly regulated channels to secure their information. Only certain sources and methods are permitted. This is to avoid unlawful access to a person’s private information and to ensure that the information they provide is accurate. Whether you are screening tenants or job applicants, it is important to work only with fully compliant screening services and PBSA Accredited. This is not just a best practice. There are several serious risks associated with trusting a non-compliant background screening service.

Inaccurate Information

Without compliance and accreditation from a non-compliant background screening service to ensure reliable information sources, the results of a background check may be inaccurate. You may receive results regarding someone of a similar name or from imprecise, fabricated, or outdated sources. This can lead to drawing incorrect conclusions from an inaccurate background check.

Tangled Up in Legal Issues

There are only a few legal ways to perform a background check and many illegal ways. If you hire a screening service that uses illegal methods, you could get involved in legal complications. You may also wind up in possession of illegally obtained information.

Exposure to Crime and Fraud

Without a comprehensive check of criminal records, you may expose your business or investments to a potential criminal. The screening might miss important indicators that a person is at a high risk of fraud or likely to commit petty crimes while in the approved position.

The Importance of PBSA Accredited Screening Services

PBSA is the Professional Background Screening Association. Maintaining accreditation requires rigorous and fully compliant methods that acquire information through legal channels. It also ensures the completion and accuracy of information delivered to clients. PBSA-accredited screening companies are compliant and reliable business partners. They will also keep your business or investment safe from the risks of potentially non-compliant screening.

TruDiligence proudly holds a PBSA accreditation, ensuring that we are a compliant, trustworthy screening service providing the highest quality results available on the market.

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