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Why Your School District Needs Instant Background Checks

Schools face a lot of different safety concerns. Sometimes it can feel impossible to strike the right balance between privacy and public safety, especially with all the hectic, day-to-day changes that individual schools have to handle. If you’re in charge of administration for several different buildings, the best way to handle routine safety is with good procedures. You need transparent tools, quick response times, and thorough record keeping. That includes all of the occasions when a school needs to authorize visitors on campus. Instant background checks are the best ways for schools to authorize any visitors and can be especially useful in the following cases:

You Need Parent Volunteers or Extra-Curricular Experts

There are always more than just teachers, staff, and students in the building. You may have judges entering the building for UIL competitions, sporting events, and third-party exams. Even internal events, like field days and standardized test days, might need a few extra hands on deck. But you often don’t have time for full fingerprinting or a long wait for a background check to clear. Integrate your systems with instant background checks that help you clear parents and volunteers for field trips and activities.

You Need a Sudden Increase in Substitutes

When teachers take a sick day, it’s not like in an office. There has to be somebody in the classroom who can watch the students and keep the curriculum schedule on track. In order to keep the system afloat, a lot of districts keep a surplus of substitutes available for quick changes. But some parts of the year are difficult. Flu season can spread through a staff room without warning, and inflexible testing or extra-curricular schedules can sneak up on everyone. If you’re suddenly alerted to a substitute shortage, don’t let a lag in background checks slow down finding qualified applicants!

Utilize TruDiligence’s Instant Background Checks

Even when you’re hiring in the summer, a long background check process means good applicants might get snapped up by other districts. Make sure you have as few roadblocks as possible with TruDiligence’s quick, comprehensive, instant background checking system.

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