Six Interesting Facts About Background Checks

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Background checks play an important role in our everyday lives. They influence hiring decisions, enhance workplace safety and affect the outcomes of numerous lawsuits. If you’d like to learn more about them, have a look at these quick facts:


1. Around 19 out of every 20 employers use background checks when they hire new staff members. More companies examine criminal records than credit, licensing or educational data. They’re also more likely to look at state crime information than out-of-state records.


2. The best background checks include content from databases that aren’t available to the public. It’s crucial to use a service with comprehensive, accurate data. Employers can be held liable if they take action based upon false information.

Before the Interview

3. Only about 14% of companies initiate this type of research before interviewing job applicants. This saves money because they only need to obtain data on candidates who aren’t rejected during the interview process.

Fewer Mistakes

4. Hiring mistakes are fairly common and often cost far more than thorough background checks. Around three-quarters of businesses report that they’ve accidentally hired undesirable employees, according to CareerBuilder. They estimated the average associated losses at $17,000.

Justice System

5. Employers screened applicants more carefully after the justice system began holding them responsible for the actions of their employees. During the early-to-mid 20th century, courts started ruling against companies when poorly selected staff members harmed co-workers or customers.

Criminal Database

6. Each country has its own criminal database, and there’s no way to search all of them simultaneously. A background check provider may separately inquire about crime records in every nation that a job applicant has called home at one time or another.

Find More Facts About Background Checks

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