Sniff out a diploma mill grad with due diligence by TruDiligence

That potential new hire you just interviewed showed a lot of promise.  His past work history was average at best but with a new M.B.A he’s looking to move on to bigger and better things, right?

Not so fast.  Diploma mills abound in the new technology world and if you aren’t careful, you could be hiring a diploma mill graduate, someone who scraped together just enough money to purchase those wonderful sounding three letters.  To avoid getting an unqualified person for a high earnings job, perform your due diligence by engaging TruDiligence for your background screening process.

TruDiligence can provide your company with a comprehensive background screening process at a price you can afford.  Protecting your business shouldn’t have to come at an outrageous cost.  You can personalize a package to suit your individual company needs, be it criminal background checks or educational background checks.  Our full service website allows you to request and retrieve new orders and monitor the status of pending searches, all from the comfort of your personal or work computer.

Most human resource departments are well versed on picking up and casting aside diploma mill graduates.  But if, as a small business owner, you are your own HR department you might not pick up on the subtle differences between an M.B.A from New York University and an M.B.A from New Yorker University.  TruDiligence can protect your business from investing time and money into unqualified applicants.  These unqualified applicants could cost you more than time and money; they could cost you your business by way of noncompliance with IRS guidelines and payroll violations.

Don’t trust your gut with applicants who say all the right things and provide you with “accredited” degrees. Contact us at TruDiligence to keep your company safe from bogus diplomas.

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