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How to Streamline Your Employment Verification Process

It’s important to perform the proper background checks when screening for potential employees. At the same time, you want to avoid wasting your time performing background checks on people who won’t be good prospects anyways. Here are some tips on how to streamline the employment verification process to better eliminate employees who won’t make a good fit for your business.

Write the Right Description

Writing a job description correctly means detailing what exactly the position is about and which responsibilities it entails. This will weed out people who aren’t really interested or who don’t have the necessary skills. Don’t write a generic description or you will attract people who won’t be a good fit.

Review Applications

Make sure to review all applications and resumes, and discard the ones that have glaring problems before you start thinking about background checks. You should place applications in three categories:

  1. Not a good fit
  2. Meets minimum requirements
  3. Has exceptional skills and requirements for the job

Focus on the third category first and move on to the second category if you haven’t found anyone from the third.

Ask Questions Before the Interview

Before interviewing someone, make sure to ask them several short questions via email which requires short, but, to-the-point answers. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for what the candidate is like, how well they would do the job, and so on. It will also weed out those who realize that they are not a good fit.

Conduct an Interview and Background Check

Once you have weeded out unfit candidates, you can finally move on to the interview and background check. Which one you do first will depend on your preferences, the amount of information you want on the background check, and the length of your interviews. Keep in mind that some states may have laws against background checks before an offer of employment is made.

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