5 Industries that Require Education Verification

5 Industries That Require Education Verification

Red Adair had it right when he said, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur". One HR leader reinforced this when she shared her experience before incorporating education verification into her processes: "I…
Background Screenings: Receive Results In Days

Background Screenings: Receive Results in Days

It is not uncommon for hiring managers to mistakenly hire a job candidate based on a resume, references, and job history. Some potential candidates look so great on paper that many hiring managers do not take it a step further by using a background…
New York Education Official Case Illustrates Importance of Background Checks

New York Education Official Case Illustrates Importance of Background Checks

A recent case in New York City draws attention to the importance of conducting background checks on employment applicants. It also illustrates the real-world challenges that can arise. In this case, a high ranking education official was arrested…
meeting for a job interview after the background check provider delivered acceptable results

How to Find an Accurate, Timely, and Professional Background Check Provider

There are many things a person is looking for in a background check provider. Most importantly, of course, is an accurate background check. Here are other factors to consider when selecting a background check provider.
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Get Objective Information and Make the Right Decision with Education Verification

Often, people may not lie outright about their education on a resume, but they might exaggerate it a little. Learn more about employment and education verification during a background check.
Non Profit Pre-Employment Screening

Using Credit Reports and the Law

Credit checks can be a useful tool during the screening process of a potential employee. Learn more about credit checks and the law.
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Five Risks of Not Doing Background Checks When Hiring

While a criminal record or other negative details don't always mean you shouldn't employ a person, it's important to only offer a position with suitable responsibilities. There are five major hazards associated with skipping background checks when you hire someone.
Employee Investigation

Learn How Investigations Can Be a Great Third-Party Resource for Businesses

When you hire an employee, you deserve the actual truth about their background. Learn more about employee investigations and how your business can benefit from the help of a professional.
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5 Tips to Use Credit Reports Wisely When You Hire Someone

When you are thinking of hiring someone, you might want to get their credit reports first. Learn more about background checks during the hiring process.
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Six Interesting Facts About Background Checks

Background checks play an important role in our everyday lives. They influence hiring decisions, enhance workplace safety and affect the outcomes of numerous lawsuits. If you'd like to learn more about them, have a look at these quick facts.
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Does Education Verification Include GPA or Graduation Details?

If you're hiring someone to perform a job that demands comprehensive expertise or sophisticated skills, you may benefit from verifying the person's educational credentials. Some employers don't just want to confirm that an individual earned a certain degree; they also desire further details, such as a grade point average and graduation date.
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Verifying Past Employment of Applicants

Hiring managers will use criminal background checks, credit checks, references and more to help paint a picture of these potential employees. Here are a few ways to verify applicant's past employment.