How To Pull Background Checks In Compliance With The FCRA

How to Pull Background Checks in Compliance With the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also called the FCRA, is federal legislation in the United States. It protects individuals who have their background history pulled. Many employers pull background checks during the hiring process and must ensure…
Getting Rewards From Through Informed Decisions

Getting Rewards Through Informed Decisions

All businesses have to take risks. However, the more information you have, the better chance of making informed decisions, and this will give you more rewards for your risks. This is where a background check for potential employees comes in.…
How Does Malcolm Gladwell’s Theory Support Background Checks?

How Does Malcolm Gladwell’s Theory Support Background Checks?

To what extent does a background check help you out in the hiring process? It's true that a person is not just the sum of everything they have done. They may have hidden talents that were never made use of in the past. Their education…
Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Background check compliance will continue to be a hot topic throughout 2020. From data breaches to lawsuits, it is critical that employers follow the right strategies and protocols to protect their workplace. When conducting background checks…
Should Employers in NY Ask Potential Employees for Marijuana Testing?

Should Employers in NY Ask Potential Employees for Marijuana Testing?

As an employer, you want to be careful about who you employ. Thus, many employers do background checks. They want to know for sure that the candidate is who they say they are. They want to ensure that the candidate does, in fact, have the qualifications…
Compliance: Conducting Background Screenings

Compliance: Conducting Background Screenings

One of the most important aspects of background checks in the United States is compliance. It does not matter how great a background checks provider is if they fail to comply with the laws and regulations that have been established. Did you…
fair credit reporting act

Complying With the Fair Credit Reporting Act in Background Screenings

Employee background checks are not just limited to a criminal background check. There are other background reports that employers need to make a conscious decision. Just because the prospective candidate has not run afoul of the law does not…
risk management through a background check provider

Reduce Your Background Check Liability With Risk Management

Your business wants to avoid hiring someone that can jeopardize the integrity of their company. Learn more about risk management to remain compliant.
interview with NAPBS Accreditation

Critically Important Benefits of NAPBS Accreditation

When people search for a background check firm, it's important for the firm itself to have its background scrutinized. Before you rely on any organization, it's only natural that you ensure the organization's merit. Many who have never invested…

How Background Check Providers Can Create the Best User Experience

Some companies shy away from comprehensive background checks because they want to avoid making candidates feel uncomfortable or unnecessarily guilty. Hiring the wrong person with the wrong background could create legal, operational and managerial…

What Does A Employer Credit Check Look For?

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Applying to a new position? Worried about an employer credit check? Many candidates today think about their credit score when searching for new opportunities. As an HR or recruiting professional, however, it can make or break an applicant's…
State credit report limits

West Coast State Credit Report Limits in Employment Screening – Part I

There are a number of states that are considering passing, or have passed, laws that regulate how state credit reports may or may not be used by employers for employment pre-screening purposes. Many of these differ or extend the coverage of…