The Benefits of Employee Background Screening

The Benefits of Employee Background Screening

When planning to hire new employees in your organization, it is imperative to recruit the right candidates to bring great changes. This is why you need to carry out an in-depth employee background screening to get the right candidates for the…
Do You Really Know Who You're Hiring?

Do You Really Know Who You’re Hiring?

It's critical to know who you're hiring. Background checks are an invaluable tool to maintain a safe and effective work environment for all companies. Frequently, extensive background checks can allow both the hiring manager and human resources…
A background check provider which anticipates your needs

A Background Check Provider Which Anticipates Your Needs

When you're running a background check on someone, you want to be sure that you can rely on the results. After all, this is an important decision that you're making for the future of your company. If the background check provider misses something…
6 reasons why you should work with a provider with pbsa accreditation

6 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Provider With PBSA Accreditation

The PBSA is the Professional Background Screening Association which gives the badge of accreditation to only a small percentage of firms that provide consumers with background checks. There are a number of firms that claim to provide good background…
Verify education like a certificate.

Why You Need to Verify Education

Many jobs require employees with experience and education. Here's how to verify education to determine if someone would fit your company.
How Can a Background Check Give You the Peace of Mind You Need?

How Can a Background Check Give You the Peace of Mind You Need?

Anyone who is in the hiring business nowadays knows that a background check is necessary. In fact, the process of getting a background check has become mandatory whenever you hire someone new. There are times when the candidates themselves bring…
Doing an interview before hiring.

What Do You Need to Know About a Candidate Before Hiring Them?

When you do a background check on someone, you might feel like you are invading their privacy. But the fact is that most candidates who apply for a job would be happy to undergo a background check to reassure you that they are in fact who they…
Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

Are Background Checks Really Necessary?

It finally happened: you interviewed the perfect candidate for that difficult-to-fill position you've been working on for months. The candidate's employment history shows both growth and longevity. She has extensive experience with the software…
An HR representative using a tablet for an integrated background check.

Streamline the Hiring Process With Integrated Background Checks

When you're interviewing a candidate, it's very important to do a background check on them. A background check will enable you to see whether the candidate really has all the qualifications which they claim to have. Are they as educated as they…
Implementation of security integration in an interview.

How to Ensure Effective Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

The need to incorporate advanced automation and technology integration has greatly increased due to intensified background checks. Having a well-established and efficient background check aids your business limit the workload, eradicate errors,…
A manager interviewing a job candidate after performing a background check with a firm with PABS accreditation.

PBSA Accreditation: What Does It Mean?

It is highly important to conduct thorough and compliant background checks with PBSA accreditation. Learn more about this accreditation here.
Employment Verification to Figure Out Your Candidate’s Skillset

Employment Verification to Figure Out Your Candidate’s Skillset

For most people, the work experience of the candidate is the most important factor in determining to hire them. This is because work experience enables people to adapt easily to a new work environment. The fact is that most work environments…