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Pitfalls For Employers and Landlords: Credit Reports

Credit Reports as Pitfalls for Employers and Landlords

Many employers and landlords think that the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies only to consumer credit. Learn the truth about credit reports.
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Using Credit Reports and the Law

Credit checks can be a useful tool during the screening process of a potential employee. Learn more about credit checks and the law.
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5 Tips to Use Credit Reports Wisely When You Hire Someone

When you are thinking of hiring someone, you might want to get their credit reports first. Learn more about background checks during the hiring process.
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Trend By States To Limit The Use Of Credit Reports In Employment Screening

There has been controversy surrounding how employers perform credit reports. Here are a few state limit issues pertaining to credit reporting. 
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The Use of Credit Reports in Employment Screening

When you intend to attain the most qualified candidates for a position, it's important to use credit reports. In the modern-day, you are allowed to have a look at a limited version of the candidates' credit reports. This is because these reports…
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Why Credit Reports Should be Used in Employment Screening

While hiring the wrong person is always a mistake, it can potentially be a serious crisis in cases where an employee's role includes managing company funds or accessing sensitive financial data. For these important positions, incorporating a…

What Does A Employer Credit Check Look For?

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Applying to a new position? Worried about an employer credit check? Many candidates today think about their credit score when searching for new opportunities. As an HR or recruiting professional, however, it can make or break an applicant's…
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Credit Report Trends and Limits

Are all the new background and credit check employment law changes confusing you? The newest change comes to the limits being placed on the credit reports and how they are used. Policies regarding using credit checks as part of pre-employment…
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Use of Credit Reports in Employment Screening

Money and financial status are two very private, personal things. They are often not discussed even among friends or family. Secrets may exist in one's private handling of money, but anyone applying for a new job may be shocked to learn that…
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Automate Your Compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, or the FCRA, is a hefty concern for a human resources department. The regulations protect your potential hires, as well as your coworkers, and yourself when you're searching for jobs, but even accidental infringement…
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Limiting the Use Of Credit Reports In Employment Screening May Not Be Helpful

States Limiting the Use of Credit Reports When it comes to the recent trend of states limiting their use of credit reports as far as employment screening is concerned, there are vocal parties on both sides of the aisle. Some feel that the…