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Types of Employment Background Checks and the Benefits

Types of Employment Background Checks and the Benefits

Doing employment background checks before employing a candidate can save you time and money. However, it is imperative to know the different types of background checks to take full advantage of the entire screening process. Here are various…
Verify education like a certificate.

Why You Need to Verify Education

Many jobs require employees with experience and education. Here's how to verify education to determine if someone would fit your company.
What Can We Learn About Education Verification from “Suits”?

What Can We Learn About Education Verification From “Suits”?

It can be quite deleterious for your company if you hire someone with the wrong educational qualifications. You wouldn't hire someone without an accounting degree to be your accountant; doing so could result in a lot of financial mistakes. Similarly,…
Employment Verification: The Final Candidate Assessment

Education Verification: The Final Candidate Assessment

It's impossible to verify all of a candidate's capabilities during the interview process. You can miss something even when the process includes skill verification tests, phone screens, multiple interviews, and presentations. The final candidate…
How Getting Education Verification Can Save You Money

How Getting Education Verification Can Save You Money

Let's say you need to choose between two candidates: one with qualities you're looking for, while the other made a great impression. Chances are you're going to choose the person who claimed to have a degree. What if you did a background check…
5 Important Things You Can Find Out Through Education Verification

5 Important Things You Can Find Out Through Education Verification

Not every job candidate is going to have the same educational qualifications, but for some jobs, these qualifications are important. If you're hiring someone on the understanding that they have an MBA or a Ph.D., then you want to be sure that…
5 Industries that Require Education Verification

5 Industries That Require Education Verification

Red Adair had it right when he said, "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur". One HR leader reinforced this when she shared her experience before incorporating education verification into her processes: "I…
Should You Go with Your “Gut Feeling” or Get a Background Check?

Should You Go With Your “Gut Feeling” or Get a Background Check?

While some employers like to go by their "gut feeling", it can be quite useful to get a background check to back up that gut feeling. There are certain cases when your gut or your intuition might work for you but there are other cases when it…
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Get Objective Information and Make the Right Decision with Education Verification

Often, people may not lie outright about their education on a resume, but they might exaggerate it a little. Learn more about employment and education verification during a background check.
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Does Education Verification Include GPA or Graduation Details?

If you're hiring someone to perform a job that demands comprehensive expertise or sophisticated skills, you may benefit from verifying the person's educational credentials. Some employers don't just want to confirm that an individual earned a certain degree; they also desire further details, such as a grade point average and graduation date.
education verification as a part of a background check

Importance of Education Verification in the Background Screening Process

When we think about background screening, some of us tend to think about a criminal background check. There is a lot more to the screening process than just criminal records. While an applicant may not be a felon, that does not mean that they…
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Education Verification to Eliminate People Who Lie/Exaggerate on Their Resumes

When you're hiring someone, education verification is important. Learn more about why it matters to eliminate people who lie/exaggerate on their resumes.