employment verification

What an Employment Verification Reveals

Filling an open position in your company is hard. Doing a background check will help. Here are things that an employment verification reveals.
Use Employment Verification to Avoid Being Scammed

Use Employment Verification to Avoid Being Scammed

When you're hiring someone, it's easy to simply take them at their word. Learn more about using employment verification to avoid negligent hiring.
employment verification

2 Reasons Employment Verification Protects Your Reputation

Advanced technological software has changed hiring tactics. Here are a few reasons why implementing employment verification procedures matters.
employment verification as a part of background checks in the interview

Education Verification Is Part of the Background Screening Process

Applicants are constantly searching for ways to compete with other job candidates who are also trying to get the same job you may want. Many job applicants even go as far as lying on their resume. So, how will an employer know if a job applicant has lied about their education or certifications on their resume?
Human resource manager interviewing the male employment candidate in the office room after background checks

Pre-Employment Hiring: Are You Using Background Checks?

You think you have just found the perfect person to hire for one of your opening positions. The job candidate has an outstanding resume, the references are perfect, and the interview was flawless. You are ready to offer the candidate an offer…
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Employment Verification Services: Here is Why They are Important

As the need for background checks increase so do the compliance and laws surrounding them. The adherence to these changes can make a background check take longer than many employers may like and, as such, they decide to forego these verification…
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Is Education Verification Really Necessary?

You've just finished an extensive interview process for your open position and have identified the ideal candidate that you are excited to bring on board. You know you need to conduct a background check and verify past employment, but what about…
e-verify down while government shuy down

E-Verify Returns to Doing Investigations After Being Unavailable for More Than One Month

The recent Federal government shutdown impacted the economy in ways both seen and unseen. One impact involves the E-Verify system used by many employers to confirm the identity and eligibility of new workers before they are hired. This system…
Reviewing a resume and CV with laptop using technological systems.

Integrating Technological Systems for Ease of Use

Technology enables some businesses to thrive while burying others in systems that only a few departments use. When it comes to hiring, we firmly believe that reducing the total number of technological systems involved—also known as touchpoints—makes…
job interview in which applicant undergoes pre-employment screening

Do Not Leave Background Checks out of Your Hiring Process

Finding the perfect candidate in the hiring process for your organization can feel like you have hit the jackpot. Your organization's ability to grow and succeed will depend on the people you hire and the skills and talent they will bring. Luck…
businesswoman conducting employee background screening re-checks

Why You Should Consider Employee Background Screening Re-Checks

If you're like a lot of companies, you probably do an employee background screening every time you hire a new employee. However, you might not have any official process in place that would allow you to update that information after a person…
job interview in which applicant undergoes pre-employment screening

Four Pieces Of Advice For Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment screenings are used by the majority of businesses in the United States, and there are good reasons why! Every time a company makes the decision to make an investment in pre-employment screenings, the company will be able to see…