Background Checks and Database Searches: How to Be FCRA Compliant

Background Checks and Database Searches: How to Be FCRA Compliant

How do you find an employee who's perfect for your business? When you need someone who's reliable, trustworthy, and loyal, it can be tempting to turn to a background check or database search firm like TruDiligence. What Is a Database Search? The…
Understanding FCRA Compliance for Employment Background Checks

Understanding FCRA Compliance for Employment Background Checks

Employers want to conduct a background check when hiring employees to ensure that they employ people of integrity, highly qualified, and experienced. The Fair Credit Reporting Act covers all these aspects. Here is everything you need to know…
Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Background Checks for Employment Purposes

You, as HR Manager or Risk Management Personnel, need to know if that resume you are looking at is legitimate for employment purposes. Is the person's background everything it says it is? You may indeed be a contractor in charge of a large project…
How To Pull Background Checks In Compliance With The FCRA

How to Pull Background Checks in Compliance With the FCRA

The Fair Credit Reporting Act, also called the FCRA, is federal legislation in the United States. It protects individuals who have their background history pulled. Many employers pull background checks during the hiring process and must ensure…
Pitfalls For Employers and Landlords: Credit Reports

Credit Reports as Pitfalls for Employers and Landlords

Many employers and landlords think that the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies only to consumer credit. Learn the truth about credit reports.
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Complying With the Fair Credit Reporting Act in Background Screenings

Employee background checks are not just limited to a criminal background check. There are other background reports that employers need to make a conscious decision. Just because the prospective candidate has not run afoul of the law does not…

What Does A Employer Credit Check Look For?

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Applying to a new position? Worried about an employer credit check? Many candidates today think about their credit score when searching for new opportunities. As an HR or recruiting professional, however, it can make or break an applicant's…
An office worker using working at his desk using a computer to user experience.

Does Overall User Experience Make a Difference When Selecting a Background Check Provider?

People will always remember the experience with a business or brand. Learn more about user experience when selecting a background check provider.
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Two Reasons to Integrate Work Background Check Platforms in Your HR System

Conducting a work background check through third party is an important part of a contract, being impartial, and non-discriminatory. Working with a background check company verifies the candidate is who they say they are and whether there…
NAPBS accreditation service

NAPBS Accreditation: Your Added Layer of Protection

Is your background screening agency satisfying your business needs? It's time to learn how NAPBS Accreditation can protect your business. Like many professionals, adequately vetting the background and any potential liabilities that may come…
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How Select The Best Background Check Provider

If you know the true value of background checks, you know it's not just a matter of people's personal facts. A high-quality background check can be immensely powerful to protect your company from any number of potentially serious future risks.…

Fair Credit Reporting Act Compliance With Regards to Background Checks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal compliance law that requires fair, accurate, and private background checks that includes consumer reports. Here is a user-friendly guide will discuss your rights as an individual.