State credit report limits

West Coast State Credit Report Limits in Employment Screening - Part I

There are a number of states that are considering passing, or have passed, laws that regulate how state credit reports may or may not be used by employers for employment pre-screening purposes. Many of these differ or extend the coverage of…
lifeguard is a temporary employee

Are You Using Background Checks Before Hiring Temporary Employees?

Many businesses in different industries experience seasonal peaks during which time they hire temporary employees. Make the right hiring decisions.
men shaking hands after background check verified past employee experiences

How to Select a Background Check Provider for Your Business

When you are searching for the best background check provider to partner with for your business or organization, there are many important factors that you will need to consider. We know that it can be very difficult for you to compare different background check providers, but it is a very important part of the decision-making process. We encourage you to focus on the solutions that are offered that will allow you to remain compliant with the guidelines, standards, and regulations that exist today.
interview after background checks

Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

As the requirements for background checks have intensified, the need to have better automation and integration technologies become even greater. You now have the opportunity to limit your workload, reduce errors, improve consistency, and accuracy.…
Employee background checks after interview

Employee Background Checks and the FCRA

It is important to deploy employee background checks to know that the potential team members are reliable and trustworthy. Learn more about FCRA compliance.
graduates that can have education verification perormed to ensure they have the degrees they claim to posses

Did They Really Earn All Those Degrees? Protecting Your Company With Education Verification

The need for education is critical in today's world. Unfortunately, some people will falsify their resumes to be hired. Regardless if it's a technical certification or a Ph.D., before you hire somebody, you must perform education verification for the degree and certifications they claim to have. before you hire somebody, you must perform education verification and certifications they claim to have.
Stack of newspapers with negative headlines

Pre-Employment Screening: When Background Checks Make Headlines

"The Trump administration has put the safety of thousands of teens at a migrant detention camp at risk by waiving FBI fingerprint checks for their caregivers...according to an Associated Press investigation and a new federal watchdog report."…
Female interviewee passed employment verification to proceed to second round interview

How to Streamline Your Employment Verification Process

It's important to perform the proper background checks when screening for potential employees. At the same time, you want to avoid wasting your time performing background checks on people who won't be good prospects anyways. Here are some tips…
Interview in process after background checks have been conducted

Background Checks: An Extra Layer of Protection

We want you to consider what could happen to your business if you make the mistake of hiring the wrong people without background checks. You can hire an employee who steals or they could be a violent person. If you do not do your due diligence,…
After background screening process, interview is underway

Use of Credit Reports in Employment Screening Benefits Employers and Employees

To understand part of the concern over the use of credit reports in the background screening process, consider the job applicant. This is important whether new to the full-time workforce or considering a change after many years in a career.…
Interview process begun as two men shake hands, and background check completed with credit report

Use of Credit Reports in Employment Screening

Money and financial status are two very private, personal things. They are often not discussed even among friends or family. Secrets may exist in one's private handling of money, but anyone applying for a new job may be shocked to learn that…
Cropped shot of two men shaking hands in background checking service

3 Things Your Background Checking Service Should Offer

Background checks are just one part of the puzzle when it comes to hiring a new employee and turning down the other applicants. Find a company that can help you keep their background checking service quick and organized. This way you can keep…