Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Does Your Background Check Process Meet Compliance Obligations?

Background check compliance will continue to be a hot topic throughout 2020. From data breaches to lawsuits, it is critical that employers follow the right strategies and protocols to protect their workplace. When conducting background checks…
Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

A workplace is a sensitive place, and the environment needs to be conducive and friendly for all. Sometimes complaints and legal claims may come about from either party. For this reason, it is vital to get to a successful resolution. However,…
Risk Assessment: Managing Background Screenings

Risk Assessment: Managing Background Screenings

We are aware of how important pre-employment background screenings are. However, we are also aware that they can also be stressful. It does not matter what end you are on as far as background screenings, the process requires risk assessment.…
Background Screenings: Taking A Proactive Measure

Background Screenings: Taking a Proactive Measure

Regardless of how many people you employ, a comprehensive background check makes or breaks your business. There are many reasons why businesses conduct background checks on potential job candidates. Indeed, here are some reasons to take a proactive…
Investigate Your New Hire’s Background to Avoid Losing Trade Secrets and Clients

Investigate Your New Hire’s Background to Avoid Losing Trade Secrets and Clients

When you hire someone for your business, you are essentially putting a lot of trust in them. You are trusting them to show up on time and do a good job. Also, you may be trusting them to keep your trade secrets. You may also be trusting them…
risk management team discussion

Risk Management Tips for Your Business

That thought of risk can send shivers down anyone's spine. We all wish to be in a comfortable routine where every decision is made with relative ease. Unfortunately, life doesn't turn out that way. In the business world, a certain element of…
background check provider

5 Tips to Find the Right Background Check Provider for You

If you want to run a background check on a potential employee or tenant, you'll need to go through a background check provider. Here are some tips to help you find a background check provider.
interview process after background checks

Five Risks of Not Doing Background Checks When Hiring

While a criminal record or other negative details don't always mean you shouldn't employ a person, it's important to only offer a position with suitable responsibilities. There are five major hazards associated with skipping background checks when you hire someone.
risk management through a background check provider

Reduce Your Background Check Liability With Risk Management

Your business wants to avoid hiring someone that can jeopardize the integrity of their company. Learn more about risk management to remain compliant.
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How to Select an Ideal Background Check Provider

When recruiting new employees, it is always advisable to undertake a background check because some job applicants have the tendency to misrepresent themselves. To undertake effective background checks, consider hiring a background check services…
employment background check

Employment Background Check For New Hires: What Does The Prospect’s History Say?

Finding good talent is rare, and sometimes a prospect's history is overlooked to gain their reported skills. Not performing an employment background check for new hires can end up haunting you down the road, and even damage the company's reputation. Considering…
HR investigation

6 Things to Remember When Conducting Investigations

Conducting investigations in Human Resources is a skill that must be developed in order to keep the operation running smoothly. Investigations vary from accidents, sexual harassment, discrimination, to employee conflict. Having an understanding…