An employee placed in an office after undergoing background checks froma a reputable background check provider.

User Experience Makes All the Difference When Selecting a Background Check Provider

More than ever, it is essential to obtain a background check from a reputable background check provider. More people rely on the power of technology to limit face-to-face contact. As the pandemic subsides, and more people return to the workforce,…
Verification Services for Businesses and Property Owners

Verification Services for Businesses and Property Owners

In this modern age of technology, there is an enhanced need to feel safe, whether at work or in our living environment. Our company helps companies and landlords conduct screening for employees and tenants, respectively. TruDiligence is a company…
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The Advantages of Going With a Smaller Background Check Provider

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you hire someone or get a new tenant. Thus, it's very important to run background checks on someone before you let them into your company or home.
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Why You Should Always Run a Background Check on Potential Renters

When you are looking at potential renters, it is so important that you perform a background check on them first. Here are three reasons why.
professional tenants signing rental agreement with landlord

Integration of Background Checks: 3 Distinct Traits of Professional Tenants

Professional tenants have creative strategies that enable them to circumvent the rental agreement. Here are some of the maneuvers professional tenants use.
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Why Should You Get Background Screening for Tenants?

When you own a piece of property and rent it out to tenants, it's very important to make sure that you have the right person living there. Learn more here.
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Learn Why the Proper Database Use for Background Checks Is Essential

Background checks are a useful tool for applicant decisions. Here are your responsibilities when it comes to the proper database use for background checks. 
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Integrating Technological Systems for Ease of Use

Technology enables some businesses to thrive while burying others in systems that only a few departments use. When it comes to hiring, we firmly believe that reducing the total number of technological systems involved—also known as touchpoints—makes…
A couple signing rental agreement under the Fair Housing Act

Are You Violating the Fair Housing Act Inadvertently?

Screening tenants is an important task. It allows you to find the best tenants to work with and will pay the rent on time. It is important to perform background checks on potential tenants. Under the Fair Housing Act, you may inquire about their…

The Importance of Responsible Use Of Database Searches In Background Checks

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Background checks are often conducted during the hiring process for employees and in the application process for tenants. Prior to conducting a background check, the employer or landlord must inform the individual through a proper disclosure…
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What To Look For When Selecting A Background Check Provider

Background checks are one of the most important aspects of choosing an employee or a tenant. Property managers and employers have to make quick decisions on a regular basis. That is why choosing the right background check provider is so important. After…
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Rentals Shouldn’t Be Risky Business: Limiting Liability with Background Checks

"Limitation of liability" is a pretty technical phrase. Once you get into corporate contracts, it's an insurance idea. Every bit of error may incur fees, penalties, or insurance payouts, but the aggregate amount of these costs has a ceiling. But…