interview in office discussing credit report

Credit Report Trends and Limits

Are all the new background and credit check employment law changes confusing you? The newest change comes to the limits being placed on the credit reports and how they are used. Policies regarding using credit checks as part of pre-employment…
NAPBS Accreditation

Importance of NAPBS Accreditation: Can You Afford Not to Protect Yourself?

We are all aware of demands to protect the public, including in the workplace and housing, from potential violence, fraud, or incompetence that might endanger the vulnerable in care settings. Our conviction is that genuine due diligence in the field of professional background checks must pass at least three tests.
hiring under FCRA compliance

The Importance of Accurate and FCRA-Compliant Background Checks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 (FCRA) defines the scope and limitations of background checks for job candidates. It is important for employers to comply with the regulations postulated in the FCRA. In addition, state laws may impose…
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Integration of Background Checks to Other Platforms

As the requirements for background checks have intensified, the need to have better automation and integration technologies become even greater. You now have the opportunity to limit your workload, reduce errors, improve consistency, and accuracy.…
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Tips and Tricks for Selecting a Background Check Provider

Often, the hiring process can seem daunting. There are countless resumes to sift through, interviews to conduct, and references to call. In order to ensure that you're only considering top-notch talent for your organization, background checks…

What Differentiates NAPBS Accredited from Unaccredited Consumer Reporting Agencies?

A consumer reporting agency (CRA) is an entity that gets paid to prepare and furnish consumer reports to third parties. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) expounds this further under Section 1681a. Opportunities to offer services for monetary…
Firm exercised caution when selecting a background check provider before interviewing candidate

What You Should Look for When Selecting a Background Check Provider

Many employers find themselves struggling to find the right background check provider that will fulfill all their hiring needs. Conducting a thorough background check is a vital part of any successful hiring process. Can you imagine interviewing…
Young woman interviewing with company who has to make hiring decisions

2 Things Your Background Checks Shouldn't Always Include

Background checks are complicated. Your department has dozens of procedures, either laid out in writing or by informal training, about how to handle every step. One of the most important things that HR recruiters can know is how to stay in compliance…
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What To Look For When Selecting A Background Check Provider

Background checks are one of the most important aspects of choosing an employee or a tenant. Property managers and employers have to make quick decisions on a regular basis. That is why choosing the right background check provider is so important. After…
businesswoman discussing professional background checks with her customer

Turn Professional Background Checks into a Benefit for Your Customers

People are always leery when they hear about professional background checks. Part of this is because everyone likes their privacy. No one wants their potential employer or even a consumer service looking too far into their personal history,…
picture of a resume and job application that will undergo education verification by a background check provider

Education Verification: Are GPA Scores Checked?

Everyone tells a little white lie from time to time, or so we are told. White lies are named as such because they don't seem all that harmful at first. They are particularly easy to slip into when the lie is not told directly to another human…
business hiring a background screening consultant

Why You Should Hire a Background Screening Consultant

A background check is an important tool. It fills in the holes of an applicant's history. It can either alert you to red flags before you continue the expensive process of onboarding or it can give you the peace of mind that comes with a logistical…