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Why You Should Always Run a Background Check on Potential Renters

When you are looking at potential renters, it is so important that you perform a background check on them first. Here are three reasons why.
professional tenants signing rental agreement with landlord

Integration of Background Checks: 3 Distinct Traits of Professional Tenants

Professional tenants have creative strategies that enable them to circumvent the rental agreement. Here are some of the maneuvers professional tenants use.
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Why Should You Get Background Screening for Tenants?

When you own a piece of property and rent it out to tenants, it's very important to make sure that you have the right person living there. Learn more here.
A couple signing rental agreement under the Fair Housing Act

Are You Violating the Fair Housing Act Inadvertently?

Screening tenants is an important task. It allows you to find the best tenants to work with and will pay the rent on time. It is important to perform background checks on potential tenants. Under the Fair Housing Act, you may inquire about their…
signing a tenancy agreement to receive keys to house

How to Make Tenant Background Checks More Useful

The last thing any real estate business needs is a bad tenant. It doesn't matter if you own apartment complexes with hundreds of units or if you're renting out a second house for the first time. Bad tenants cause destruction or they don't pay…
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Verify Tenants Through a Third-Party Background Screening Partner

Real Estate - The Modern Wild West Real estate is still a bit like the Wild West. Compliance systems aren't fully standardized, sales and rentals aren't handled through major conglomerations, and individuals can make sales and contracts at…