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User Experience and Background Check Vendors

Have you ever wondered what your business needs to consider before picking the right background check vendors? Well, we’re glad you asked. We here at TruDiligence have 4 key questions that are important to think about before deciding which background check provider your business should go with.

Question 1: Does the Provider Match Your Organization’s Business Strategy and Culture?

When choosing a background vendor, it is crucial to pick one that aligns with your firm’s overall business strategy, culture, and values. If there is any misalignment between the vendor and your organizational values, then you may be inviting problems. There may be key differences or conflicts that can arise that can derail your organization’s background check efforts. For instance, if your firm emphasis high-quality customer service, but the vendor you have chosen is lacking in that area,there could be a problem. Choose wisely.

Question 2: Does the Vendor Keep You in the Loop Regarding Key Changes Impacting the Background Check Industry?

Before doing business with any background check vendors, it is important to ensure that they keep you abreast regarding the latest rules surrounding background investigations. Knowing this information can help your organization protect itself against undue lawsuits or litigation. Moreover, it can also help ensure that your organization is bringing in candidates that are not going to be a risk or liability to your firm.

Question 3: Does the Provider Have an Intuitive and User-Friendly Technological Platform?

Here, the idea is to look at whether the vendor can give you access to a technological platform that is both user-friendly and amenable to your business needs. For example, your business may need to have access to certain reports that show how things are going with regard to your screening efforts. Having access to this information can aid your business in understanding whether it’s on track or missing the target with regard to key background check metrics. Mary Lorenz from CareerBuilder reinforces this point by recommending that businesses request a demo from the background check vendor so that they can get a simulation of how the vendor’s technological platform works.

Question 4: How Does the Vendor Treat Applicants During the Screening Process?

When selecting a background check vendor, it is also critically important to explore how the vendor treats the applicants. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recommends that you select a vendor that creates a smooth and transparent experience for the applicant. You don’t want the applicant walking away from the screening process feeling uncertain, wondering what happens next. Indeed, if an issue arises for the applicant, or there is a discrepancy that the applicant wants to dispute, then that applicant should be able to contact the background check vendor. Therefore, it is important to select background check vendors that offer customer service in the event of any applicant concerns.

Learn More About Background Check Vendors

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