NAPBS Accreditation for TruDiligence

The Value of NAPBS Accreditation for TruDiligence

Employers, companies, landlords, organizations, and everyday individuals rely on background checks to ensure they are bringing trusted prospects into their space. Background checks are taken into consideration for ensuring safety and checking the accuracy of the history that’s provided. Performing a background check that isn’t accurate or misses critical information can cause troublesome issues later. A background check can reduce or eliminate risk for those involved. Quality background checks can provide accurate and detailed information, ensuring informed decisions are made.


Fortunately, there is a reliable credential to ensure consumers are using a quality background check and screening provider.

National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) works solely to ensure high-quality background checks and standards are maintained across the association. Also, NAPBS serves as a unified platform for members to help develop local, state, and national regulations. It’s important for these entities to abide by federal regulations and labor laws.

Getting this accreditation requires much effort. NAPBS is known to have a rigorous application and auditing process along with strict policies and procedures. Many variables are taken into consideration – information security, legal standards, company compliance, client education, research standards, business practices and more.

The NAPBS accreditation also requires approval from the official Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC). TruDiligence is proud to offer quality background checks, pre-employment screening, tenant screening, and other investigative services for more than 25 years. We are also honored to be NAPBS accredited. Valuable business work and consumer protection is something we and the NAPBS take seriously, and with the industry seal of approval, we can confidently offer our services.


This accreditation is very valuable to our background screening company. The NAPBS is what sets standards to quality background screening for the entire industry. We believe, and can show, that quality background checks is only what TruDiligence offers, so everyone is informed effectively.

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